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NetBotz 200 Temp/Humidity threshold emails do not contain values for temp/humidity

Temp/Humidity threshold emails do not contain values for temp/humidity

Product Line:
NetBotz 200

NetBotz 200s that are configured to send emails for temperature thresholds.

The NetBotz 200 can only alert the title of the alarm within the email.  The title will indicate what the alarm is.  For example, if a high temperature threshold is violated, it will send an email stating that a high temperature threshold has been violated.  The actual temperature value will not be reported via the email.


This is by design. The e-mail will simply state the threshold that was breached as well as the sensor and module for which the threshold was breached. The e-mail will also contain:
Name :
Location :
Contact :
http://IP of NBRK0200

Serial # :
Device Ser #:

Warning - MM: High temperature threshold violation for 'Sensor xxx'
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