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In the NetShelter CX Enclosure Brochure the number of outlets per cabinet does not match the number of ports on the PDU, why?

The NetShelter CX Enclosure Brochure shows the number of outlets and it does not match the number of ports on the PDUs.

Product Line:
NetShelter CX

All versions and serial ranges.

The numbers actually decrease from the 18U, to the 24U, to the 38U cabinets.

The number of ports shown on this document is the number of AVAILABLE ports in each cabinet.
Each cabinet contains a different number of fan units which plug into the PDU. So, as the cabinets increase in size the number of available ports are reduced.
The 18U cabinet has one fan module, the 24U has two fan modules, the 38U has three fan modules.

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