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Guidelines for installation of an ACSC100, or ACSC101

Guidelines for installation of an ACSC100, or ACSC101.

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ACSC100, ACSC101.

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Guidelines for Installation

The InRow SC provides reliable, self-contained cooling that maximizes availability within small IT rooms and wiring closets. The unit incorporates the latest system design innovations to provide you with optimum efficiency, reliability and rapid installation. For more detailed information, see the InRow SC Installation manual (990-2796). For locations with seismic installation requirements, additional information regarding anchorage selection is provided in the InRow SC Seismic Installation Manual addendum (990-3063).

Room preparation

During the design of the data center, consider ease of entry for the equipment, floor loading factors, and accessibility to ducting and wiring. Ensure the room is insulated to minimize the influence of exterior heat loads. Use the minimum required amount of fresh air for make up to comply with local and national codes and regulations. The room must be sealed with a vapor barrier to minimize migration of moisture. Polyethylene film (plastic sheeting) is a good vapor barrier for ceiling and wall applications. Rubber, or plastic-based paints, should be applied to concrete floors and walls. The room should be thoroughly insulated to minimize thermal loads and make-up air (if required) should be pre-conditioned to reduce additional temperature, filtration, and moisture loads. The room should have a drop ceiling that is part of the building HVAC system. Provisions must be made for condensate removal, such as a floor drain or adjacent maintenance closet. The plenum should be at least 12in (300mm) deep and provide adequate airflow for each unit supported. The HVAC system must be capable of rejecting up to 34000 BTU/hr (10kW) of heat per unit. Refer to Application Note AN-109 and the InRow SC Installation manual for additional information.

Receiving the unit

Your InRow SC unit has been factory tested and inspected prior to shipment. To ensure that you have received the unit in excellent condition, perform a careful inspection of the crating and the unit immediately upon receipt. Verify that all parts ordered were received. Report any damage discovered to the freight carrier. If necessary, contact the APC technical service department at 1-888-695-6500 for help in repairing or replacing damaged parts. While APC is not responsible for damage incurred in transit, we want to make sure that you have no undue delays in your system start-up.


The unit is manufactured with a formed steel frame for maximum strength and unit integrity. However, as with all electrical and mechanical equipment, you must take care with proper rigging of your unit. The equipment is easily tipped over. Use extreme caution when unpacking and moving. When using a forklift, move the unit on the shipping pallet only. When moving the equipment on a ramp, always point the narrow width in the direction of travel. Do not place the equipment on its side. If the equipment has been tilted, place it upright on a flat, solid surface and keep in this position for at least 24 hours before operating. For more detailed information, refer to the APC Receiving and Unpacking manual (990-2795A).

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