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Where are Single-phase Symmetra frame serial numbers located?

Where can the frame serial numbers of a single-phase Symmetra UPS be found?

Product Line:
Symmetra Power Array
Symmetra RM
Symmetra LX

All serial ranges

The frame model and serial number is used for logging and tracking single phase Symmetra technical support calls.  This information will be required when calling in for support.


The Symmetra Power Array, Symmetra RM, and Symmetra LX chassis/frame serial number is not obtainable through any UPS accessory, such as the PowerView or Network Management Card. The only way a customer can collect this information is to look on the UPS for the white sticker with the model and serial number information.

The location of these stickers varies per Symmetra model:

Symmetra Power Array: bottom, front of UPS. SYMSTRF, SYMINIF, etc.

Symmetra RM 6kVA: front above System Enable switch behind display bezel, or rear bottom-left corner. SYHF6KT 

Symmetra RM 12kVA: rear, bottom-right corner. SYPF12KT

Symmetra LX: rear, upper center on UL/Certification Sticker. SYAFxxxx. For 2018 models and above there is also a sticker located on the front in bay R1 for easier access. 

For Symmetra LX, the model number of the chassis will always begin with "SYAF". It is possible to find a second "configuration" sticker with part # such as SYA12K16RMP located under the System Enable/EPO panel.

Please Note: The Serial Number provided via the PowerView is that of the PowerView display itself. The serial number and manufacturing date provided via the Network Management Card refers to Symmetra Main Intelligence Module that is in control of the UPS.


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