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My ACPA4000 front LCD panel is blank with no flashing cursor.

My ACPA4000 front LCD panel is blank with no flashing cursor.
Product line:
Portable Cooling
"The first thing to check are the connections for the display. If you look at the bottom left of the unit, facing the front you will see a removable panel. Please remove the two Phillips screws and check the connection the black Ethernet cable goes into. It is called a coupler and coming out the other end of the coupler is another Ethernet connection that goes directly to the display.

Sometimes if there is some condensation, or moisture present. The moisture or condensation will get in between the connection of the cables. This causes a break in the connection or corrosion. Replace the cat5 cable between the board and the display. You can remove the coupler and use one cat5 cable.

If you do have a flashing cursor, then you should try flashing the firmware to the board again. Please see the attachment below for instructions on how to flash the Barrow Firmware.

Lastly, upgrade firmware on the network management card on the unit. Follow KBASE FA156047 for the upgrade procedure. This is an Network Management Card 1.


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