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Symmetra PX 250/500 Battery to Power Module Ratio
The 250kw runtime ratio is 10 PMs to 16 battery shelves resulting in a ratio of 1.6 battery shelf per 1 PM. ...
Information on Online and On Battery operation of 3:1 Symmetra UPS systems
Symmetra Power Array ... When a Symmetra 3:1 is operating On-Line it is drawing balanced power from all 3 phases, i.e., it is drawing the same current from each of the 3 phases. ... The 3 phase power is fed to all the Power Modules where it is filtered and converted to single phase and sent to the output. ... When Symmetra 3:1 is On Battery it will provide single phase output power . ... The output frequency can also be set to either 50hz or 60hz .
... CONTROL - acrp5xx 480v (CW ... ATS #1 480v 0w3122 CABLE ASSY ... ... the fan grill module ] ... w0w3107 Cable Main Power 208/400v ... ... w0w3128 Cable Main Power 480v For acrp101 ( ... ... w0w3127 Cable Main Power acrp5xx ASSY ATS ... 0w3125 Cable Main Power acrp5xx ASSY ATS 400- 480v #2 0w3126 ... ... P 5A 480v ... 3P 10a 480v ... 3P 15A 480v ... 3P 30a 480v ... 3P 50a 480v ... P 5A 480v ... P 8A 480v ... -0990 Fan Module Assembly 200v - ... -9841 Fan Module Assembly 400- 480v acrp101/501 ...
Network Air FM unit spare parts list
... 3P 25A 480v W/SHUNT ... 3P 40a 480v W/SHUNT ... 3P 60a 480v W/SHUNT ... 24V 50/ 60hz - MKC- ... ... 24V 50/ 60hz - MKC- ... ... LIFT 460- 480v Emergency Power Off ... , 460- 480v ... , 460- 480v ... Assy 460- 480v 9.5 ... ... P 2L 480v 40amp (SCR ... ... HTR,CRANKCASE 480v 90w ... 240v 50- 60hz 3HP ... IMP 400- 480v 50- 60hz 3HP ... -240v50- 60hz 5HP ... -480v50- 60hz 5HP VFD MOTOR 3HP 380 - 480v (6ke1143003x1a1) (evaporator) ... VFD MOTOR 5HP 380- 480v (6ke1143005x1a1) (evaporator)
DELETE-Symmetra PX 160kw Power Module
"The 160kw Symmetra PX units use Power Modules which are 16kw PMs while the original Symmetra PX Power Modules are 10kw PMs.
How do I replace a single phase Symmetra power module?
Issue What is the proper procedure for installing a replacement power module in a single phase Symmetra UPS system?
Symmetra LX shows site wiring fault and/or has clicking power modules
Symmetra LX runs on battery and may exhibit audible clicking from the power modules . Erroneous messages regarding output voltage may also occur.
Why does my Symmetra PX UPS show a power module status of NA when first installed?
Issue Symmetra PX UPS shows power module status as "NA" within the Network Management Card interface when the module is first installed
Can I install battery modules in the power module bays with my Symmetra RM 2-6kva UPS?
SYBT2) in the bottom three power module bays to provide additional runtime if the bays are not being occupied by power modules .
Compatibility Information for Symmetra Power Array 3:1 Modules
... firmware changes necessary to make the Symmetra Power Array 3:1 system function properly, it requires specific intelligence modules and power modules .

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