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Why might the LEDs on my Back-UPS or Smart-UPS SC be flashing?
... LED lights on Back-UPS Pro, Back-UPS Pro USB, Back-UPS LS , and Smart ... Back-UPS Pro, Back-UPS USB, Back-UPS LS , Back-UPS CS, Back-UPS NS/XS ... ... included with your Back-UPS Pro after it ... Each model of Back-UPS Pro is capable of handling a predetermined amount of power draw. For example, the bp350u is rated for 350 Volt Amps (or 220 Watts) and the bp500uc is rated for 500 Volt Amps (or 315 Watts).
Why are the Overload and On-Line LEDs flashing on my APC Back-UPS?
Back-UPS CS, Back-UPS PRO, Back-UPS USB, Back-UPS LS , Back-UPS NS/XS ...
Video: How to find Model and Serial Number of Back-UPS using PowerChute Personal Edition?
The actual model number is be750g. If the model is listed as Back-UPS LS 700 the model number is bp700.
Is it possible to mute the Audible Alarms on the Back UPS CS Series
... is Possible to Mute the Alarms on the international model Back UPS CS 650, but not on the CS 500 or the CS 350 ...
What is the expected life of my APC UPS battery?
APC Back-UPS , smart- ... PX 250- 500 , Galaxy, PW, Comet, Silcon, EPS, VX, VM ...
APC Recall for the Back-UPS CS (120v and 230v); How do I know if my unit is one of the affected units?
The affected CS 350 and CS 500 models were manufactured between November 2000 and December 2002 and sold primarily through distributors, catalog and retail ...
Why might the Overload LED be lit on my APC Back-UPS?
is rated for 500 Volt Amps (or 315 Watts).
How to return a Smart-UPS or Back-UPS product for Warranty Replacement.
Product Line: All single phase UPS products Environment:

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