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Humidity Sensor Issue with 300/303/310/400 Series Appliances

Published date: 20 January 2014


Humidity Sensor Issue with 300/303/310/400 Series Appliances

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NetBotz version 1


NetBotz has discovered a limitation in the built-in humidity sensors in some of our NetBotz environmental monitoring appliances. This limitation affects the accuracy of humidity sensor reading in environments where the relative humidity exceeds 60%. Affected units read the relative humidity accurately and in spec up to approximately 60%, but are not able to report humidity levels greater than 60% accurately. You could be adversely affected by this limitation if you have deployed your appliance in a high-humidity environment.


Which Appliances are Affected?
This problem affects only some older NetBotz hardware versions. To determine if your NetBotz appliance is affected by this limitation, use the About task to check the Hardware Revision of your appliance. No currently shipping NetBotz appliances are affected by this issue. Also, if you own a RackBotz 300, RackBotz 303, WallBotz 300B, or WallBotz 400C appliance, regardless of when it was manufactured or purchased, you are not affected by this issue.

Only appliances that have the following Hardware Revisions are affected by this limitation:

In addition, if you use your appliances in any the following ways then you are NOT affected by this limitation:

You have your humidity sensor enabled, and your high humidity threshold values are set anywhere in the 0% and 60% range. For most customers, setting the high humidity threshold value below 60% is advisable (the EPA recommends that indoor air humidity be kept below 60% to protect your health and equipment)

You do not have your humidity sensor enabled (i.e. you do not use the built-in humidity sensor to generate NetBotz alert notifications)

What Action Should be Taken?
When this limitation was discovered, NetBotz released a BotzWare update (BotzWare 1.2.4) that contained a software fix to ensure that users affected by this limitation are notified when humidity levels exceed 60%. All versions of BotzWare released since then also contain this fix. Because indoor relative humidity is best kept in the 30% to 60% range, this solution should meet the needs of most NetBotz customers. If your installations require humidity thresholds above 60% or if you have any other concerns, please call NetBotz Support toll free at 1-877-908-2688 and the NetBotz Support Team will work with you to determine a solution that meets your requirements.
Appliance Model Hardware Revisions
WallBotz 300 A10-11
WallBotz 310 A04
WallBotz 400 A03
RackBotz 400 A03

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