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Audio Recording Capabilities on NetBotz 500

Published date: 03 December 2019


Audio Recording Capabilities on NetBotz 500

Product Line:



NetBotz 500 (NBWL0500)


Audio recording capabilities.


 * Ability to capture audio when in alert condition
o Just like capturing pictures during alert condition
o Audio stream will be attached to each alert

* Ability to listen to current audio (listen real time)
o Link from camera view to stream current audio to default audio player

* Audio tracks are stored in .ogg format
o OggVorbis which is a royalty free MP3 type format
o Most MP3 players can also play .ogg files

* Data sizes:
o 1 second of audio is 4KB
o 1 minute of audio is 240KB
o 1 hour of audio is 14MB

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