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Video: Back-UPS Pro M XS; Adjustment of unit battery transfer sensitivity.
Cause: UPS is not operating On-line or may be transferring to battery power frequently.
Video: Back-UPS Pro M2 & RS with SineWave; Adjustment of unit battery transfer sensitivity
Cause: UPS is not operating On-line or may be transferring to battery power frequently.
Intermittent HTTPS connectivity issues experienced with Network Management Card 2 (NMC2) and Chrome browser version 55 and newer
The errors displayed above are caused by adjustments to which TLS cipher suites are advertised to web servers made recently in Chrome.
HTTP and HTTPS turned off by default on NetBotz 4.7
... “directly or indirectly” to the internet must equip it with “reasonable” security features, designed to prevent unauthorized access, modification ...
Uniflair BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks)
Max 8 units No software modification needed
The UPS won't operate online when powered by generator.
... , please reference the User Manual for your specific UPS model regarding the procedure for adjustment of operating thresholds and sensitivity.
Mass Configuration of Users and User Preferences on Network Management Card 2 (NMC2) v6.X.X
In NMC2 firmware v6.0.6, user configuration/ modification is no longer supported or available via the config.ini file.
Do APC Network Management Cards (and Network Management Card embedded devices - Rack PDU, etc) support 1000mbps Ethernet connections?
Ethernet connections. Generally, 1GB Ethernet switches will support 100mbps (either by auto-negotation or configuration modification ) but 10gb switches will not.
Things To Consider When Upgrading or Downgrading a Network Management Card 2 (NMC2) Device between v5.X.X and v6.X.X
User creation/ modification is no longer supported in config.ini. Adding users is now done by a special .CSF
Why does my Network Management Card report warmstart/coldstart or network interface restart/coldstart?
Logout if settings are changed - Modification of some NMC settings will require a reboot of the NMC.

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