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How do you assign a static IP address to the PCNS 4.2 (CentOS 7) virtual appliance ?

PCNS 4.2 Virtual Appliance moved to a new operating system, CentOS 7

PowerChute Network Shutdown 4.2 Virtual Appliance (CentOS 7)

PCNS 4.2 Virtual Appliance has switched to a new Operating System, CentOS 7, due to CentOS 5 already being end of life.

After deploying the PCNS 4.2 OVA, complete the initial setup and set the root password. Once finished, login as root and enter the command nmtui.

It will switch to the Network Manager TUI.  Select Edit a Connection.

Select the Ethernet connection used by PCNS, hit enter or select Edit.
If the ethernet connection is not known open a terminal window and enter ifconfig.

On the Edit Connection, there is an option for IPv4 and IPv6 configuration.  Select Automatic of the network you need to use and select Manual.

NOTE: When entering the IP address you will need to include the proper subnet mask bits. As an example for a system that requires subnet mask the bits would be 22 so the ip address would be enter as You can find a subnet mask calculator on line if the bits are not known. 

Select Show and hit Enter.  Here you can now configure the network settings manually

Once complete, select OK. Go back to the main prompt and enter the command reboot.
Use the ifconfig command to verify that the new network settings have been applied.

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