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Video: How to clear run hours violation on Uniflair Chilled Water Heater Elements

How to clear Heater Run Hours Violation.
Product line:
Uniflair: TDCV700X, TDCV1000X, TDCV1200X, TDCV1700X, TDCV2500X, TDCV3400X, TDCV4000X, TDCV4300X, TUCV700X, TUCV1000X, TUCV1200X, TUCV1700X, TUCV2500X, TUCV3400X, TUCV4000X, TUCV4300X, HDCV4500X, HDCV5000X.
All Serial Numbers
Install, Repair
Press PRG
Use the DOWN arrow to scroll to Hourmeter Settings.
Press ENTER.
Use the DOWN arrow to scroll to Heater 1 Run Hours.
Press ENTER twice.
Press the DOWN arrow once.
Press ENTER again to clear run hours.
Press ESC three times to exit back to main menu.

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