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Can I connect the ACSC1XX condenser ducts to any drop ceiling?

Published date: 17 July 2020

The document answers the question: Can I connect the ACSC1XX condenser ducts to any drop ceiling?

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All Serial Numbers.



Unfortunately no. The condenser ducts must be connected to a continuously active ceiling plenum. That means the ceiling plenum needs to be part of a building comfort cooling return air system or otherwise adequately ventilated to the outdoor ambient air, 24x7. Each SC unit needs 850 CFM (1440 m3/hr) of air supplied to, and removed from, the condenser. Please
note that many building have night and weekend setback on their building comfort systems. This may negatively impact the ability of the plenum to reject heat and therefore adversely affect the operation and performance of the SC unit. Make sure to discuss the heat rejection needs of the InRow SC with the facilities personnel of the customer site to ensure the unit can be accommodated. Contact your Config Team rep or System Engineer for additional assistance.

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