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Why does a Smart-UPS turn off when a standard serial cable is attached?

Fecha de publicación: 08 September 2020

Why does a Smart-UPS turn off when a  standard serial cable is attached?

Product Line:

All Smart-UPS  models, All Serial Numbers

A Smart-UPS will turn off if a standard serial cable is connected. This is due to the proprietary pinout of APC Smart-UPS serial cables.

Always make sure a proper APC Serial Cable is being used. APC Serial Cables will always have part number clearly marked on the connector end of the cable. Do not connect the serial cable if it is not marked with one of these part numbers.

SU, SUA, SUM, and SURT models use a DB9 to DB9 Serial cable. These cables are the 940-0024 or 940-1524 (Smart-Signaling) or 940-0020 (Simple Signaling)

SMT, SMX, SMC, and SRT models use a new Keyed RJ45 to DB9 cable to further differentiate between the APC cable and a standard serial cable. These cables are 940-0625A or 940-1525A (Smart Signaling) or 940-0128D (Simple Signaling)

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