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Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
Assessment Services ... Battery Replacement Services ... Installation Services ... Maintenance Bypass Panels ... MGE Service Bypass ... Network Integration Services ... On Site Service ... Planning Tools and Publications ... PowerChute plus ... Preventive Maintenance Project Management Services ... Remote Monitoring Services ... Service Bypass Panel Service Plans ... Start-Up Service ... Training Services
What are the Dynamic Load ratings and Shipping Load ratings for NetShelter CX cabinets?
Persons planning data centers need to know how much weight can be loaded into the NetShelter CX for static installation, dynamic installation (rolling on flat surface) or to ship loaded with equipment. ... Static Load Weight Rating is the maximum weight of the cabinet, plus installed equipment (with the feet locked), in it's final location. ... These two ratings are different and care should be taken to distinguish between them.
Why choose glycol over water?
Advantages of Glycol: ... The elimination of corrosion greatly reduces maintenance costs. ... This eliminates the costs of filter maintenance and filtration pump power.
Smart-UPS SRC 5k, 6k, 8k and 10 KVA FAQ
Q: What are the advantages of the SRC 5-10 KVA LCD Display? ... Q: When do I need to choose a Service Bypass Panel? ... A: In addition to the 1+1 Parallel redundancy system, the Customer can also look into a service bypass panel which will give you a wrap around bypass. ... Q: What are the advantages of the aptf10kw01 Isolation Transformer?
How can I adjust the number of battery packs on a Smart-UPS XL?
the UPS service must be stopped. ... 1. Unload the PowerChute plus NLM (pwrchute.nlm) ... 2. Use PowerChute plus version 5.x for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ... PowerChute plus 5.x for Windows NT is compatible with NT 3.5.1 ... access the PowerChute plus graphical user interface and perform the following ... plus Server. In the case of Windows NT, the UPS service must be stopped.
Problem: PowerChute Network Shutdown does not turn off the UPS following a shutdown event.
Because of this 100-second interval, PowerChute might not have received this information in a couple of situations: a) immediately after installing PowerChute or b) after a restart of the PowerChute service , e.g. after a reboot. To make sure the UPS turns off as planned when a shutdown event occurs, PowerChute shutdown events should be configured with a delay of 120 seconds.
Configuring the Windows SNMP Agent for use with PowerChute Business Edition versions 9.2.1 and below
... therefore SNMP Windows service is no longer ... SNMP service will be installed ... ... to verify the service status from Services in Control Panel ... start the SNMP service from there. Two new services will be created ... SNMP Service which is the ... SNMP Trap Service which receives trap ... ... to the SNMP service by default, ... ... Edition or PowerChute Plus with the PowerNet ... 1. Go to Control Panel->Administration Tools-> Services ->SNMP service . ... 2. Click on the Agent tab, make sure all service boxes are checked, enter any relevant contact information and location information here:
Things To Consider When Upgrading or Downgrading a Network Management Card 2 (NMC2) Device between v5.X.X and v6.X.X
Users wishing to upgrade their firmware (to take advantage of new features and/or bug fixes) ... System name, contact, location, Require DHCP cookie, Telnet, SSH, and CLI settings, Fahrenheit/Celsius display, HTTP server settings, SNMP settings, Data log settings, Event log settings, Syslog settings, Paging settings, Remote Monitoring Service settings, Email settings, and Modbus settings (if applicable)
How do I recycle APC batteries in the US and Canada?
When Schneider does a battery replacement service , recycling is built in and we will take batteries off site. ... Customer may choose to recycle batteries at a metal recycling center or drop batteries off at a Battery store such as Batteries Plus , Interstate Batteries, etc.

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