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New Product

New Schneider Electric IT Controller on Uniflair AM cooling units - MIDDLE EAST

Uniflair AM

Uniflair AM air conditioners are updated with a new controller board and HMI. This is the replacement of third-party technology with a completely Schneider solution that includes IT M-Controller (M172P 28I/O) and new 4.3-inch IT Touch screen display. This evolution enhances the embedded connectivity functionalities and simplifies on site operations with particular attention to service, as it provides quick access and download of all data and logs.

Uniflair AM - APC
Part Number: SDA, SDC, SDW, SUA, SUC, SUW
New Product

APC PowerChute Business Edition v10.0: Secure 64-bit application

PowerChute Business Edition

PowerChute Business Edition v10.0, builds on the secure UPS management offered by v9.5 along with additional improvements, giving a definite reason for our WW customers to update. Here are a few of them, - Updated PowerChute application from 32-bit to 64-bit & 64-bit OpenJDK support (prompted by the Oracle announcement of free 32-bit Oracle JRE End of Life by Jan 2019) - JRE update mechanism built into PCBE for future JRE updates - Import and apply the configuration, schedule settings for ease of multiple/mass installations - Combine and download debug, event logs, summary information for troubleshooting support - Support for language selection (English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese) in web UI - Support for battery management in APC Smart-UPS with Lithium-ion batteries. With the PowerChute Business Edition v10.0, support for 32-bit Operating system is being discontinued.

PowerChute Business Edition - APC
Part Number: SFPCBE100

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