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Data Center Expert | Enterprise server performance may be affected with RAID battery test.
- Enterprise Appliance (AP9475) InfraStruXure Central (ISXC)
How do I perform a mass firmware upgrade on APC network enabled products?
InfraStruXure Central /StruxureWare Central /StruxureWare DCE is InfraStruXture Manager's replacement and offers this feature as well.
Data Center Expert | Video: How do I configure StruxureWare to send e-mail notifications?
- Enterprise Appliance (AP9475) ... StruxureWare Central (SWC) InfraStruXure Central (ISXC) ... StruxureWare Central (all versions) InfraStruXure Central (all versions) ... Select Manager Alarm Action
Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
APC Enterprise Manager ... Data Center Facility Power - PowerLogic ION Enterprise ... InfraStruxure for Large Data Centers InfraStruxure for Medium Data Centers InfraStruxure for Server Rooms InfraStruxure for Small Data Centers InfraStruxure for Wiring Closets InfraStruxure Manager InfraStruxure Type A ... NetBotz Central ... PowerChute Business Edition PowerChute Inventory Manager ... StruxureWare Central
Why doesn't StruxureWare or ISX Manager's mass configuration feature update or show password credentials on APC Network Management Card devices?
... done via ISX Manager or StruxureWare may ... InfrastruXure Manager ... This affects ISX Manager's ability to make mass configuration change of the various password field. Because the ISX Manager takes one device's configuration file and sends it to many, this procedure is now ineffective for retrieving passwords and pushing them to other devices. ... The config.ini file could be manually configured outside of ISX Manager to include the password using the information from the [SystemUserManager] section above. ... If you have ISX Central or StruxureWare Data Center Expert, this should not be an issue.
Data Center Expert | Downloading Log Files for Technical Support
- Enterprise Appliance (AP9475) ... StruxureWare Central (SWC) InfraStruXure Central (ISXC) ... StruxureWare Central (all versions) InfraStruXure Central (all versions) ... 5) Once the new log files package is generated, click on the link to download.
Are there limits to the number of thresholds I can create in StruxureWare DCE?
InfraStruxure Central ... The following limitations were implemented in InfraStruxure Central and carried over to StruxureWare Data Center Expert. Enterprise Server can only Create 30,000 Thresholds. ... The DCE virtual machine's limits are based on the Enterprise server. Please note that as with license keys, it is suggested that your configuration is limited to the Enterprise , Standard, or basic configurations based on the resources outlined in the virtual machine release notes for your specific version.
Data Center Expert | PDU Network Port Sharing (not-supported)
- Enterprise Appliance (AP9475) ... InfraStruxure Central
Security Notification: "POODLE" vulnerability - impact to APC products
APC InfraStruXure Manager ... PowerChute Business Edition ... Schneider Electric's IT Business has conducted a vulnerability assessment on the following platforms and found the status of the current shipping versions as follows: ... All versions of ISX Manager (ISXM) is affected. ... PowerChute Business Edition Agent is affected. ... PowerChute Business Edition Server and Console is affected. ... 2161 all versions of PowerChute Business Edition 2260 all versions of PowerChute Business Edition
Data Center Expert | Performing an SNMPwalk
- Enterprise Appliance (AP9475) ... StruxureWare Central (SWC) InfraStruXure Central (ISXC)

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