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Do the NetShelter SX Shock Package cabinets include the OSHPD or IBC High Seismic Area mounting brackets?

Published date: 23 October 2019

Preparing for installation, want to know if the pallet brackets from the Shock Packaging can be used to mount the cabinet to the floor.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX Shock Package

All versions and serial ranges.

Pallet brackets from non-SP cabinet can be used as bolt-down brackets. 

The Shock Package cabinets do not include the seismic mounting brackets. They must be purchased separately.
Please use AR7701A-S as the seismic mounting brackets for NetShelter SX SP-series cabinets into IBC High Seismic Area or OSHPD installatiions.
For installation in IBC Low Seismic Area or Moderate Seismic Area please use either AR7701A-S or AR7701. 

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