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How to Check/Change Timezone on PCNS Virtual Appliance

Issue: How to Check/Change Timezone on PCNS Virtual Appliance
Product Line:
  • Powerchute Network Shutdown Virtual Appliance
  • PCNS-V v4.3
If the time on the PCNS Webpage does not match the network timezone, it can be changed to the correct timezone

  1. Open the PCNS-V console and login as root (password is set during the initial setup)
  2. Enter command timedatectl to check the current timezone
  1. To check the list of available timezones, enter command timedatectl list-timezones
  2. Look for the timezone required. On the end of the list, do a CTRL + C to release the prompt.
  1. Once you found the correct timezone, use this command timedatectl set-timezone your_time_zone.  For the example below, Pacific/Wake is selected.


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