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NetBotz v5 | Configuration Email Notifications

Process for configuring email notifications on a NetBotz version 5 appliance.

Product Line:
NetBotz 750

NetBotz v5 (all firmware versions)


Configuring the Email Server
Configuring an Email Notification
Configuring the Email Server

1) Log into the web interface using administrator credentials.
2) In the upper-right click on Settings and then select System.
3) Select SMTP Server in the left pane.
4) Fill in the necessary SMTP Server details, including any authentication settings that may be required by your SMTP server setup.
5) Select Send Test Email.
6) Fill in the email address to send the test email to.
7) Select Send and then check the email account for the test email.
Configuring an Email Notification

1) In the upper-right click on Settings and then select System.
2) Click on the add button.
3) Type in a name for the notification policy.
4) Type in the email addresses that should receive the notification, using commas to separate multiple addresses.
5) Select the severities that should generate the email notification.
6) Select the desired Units and Time format under the Regional settings section.
7) Select OK to save the notification policy.

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