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Video: How to Shutdown your Silcon UPS

How to Shutdown your Silcon UPS

Product line:
Silcon DP300E

All Product models, all serial numbers

Shutdown Support

First step is to put the UPS into bypass

Hit the # Key and then Press "C" to change the option to yes

Press the # key again to save change.
The UPS is now in static bypass.

H3 LED will light indicating it is safe to operate Q3
Turn the Q3 switch on

H2 LED will light indicating it is safe to operate Q2
Turn the Q2 switch Off

Open the front door of the UPS and Press the Red button (acoustic alarm will sound for 30 seconds)
Open all battery breakers (or fuses)
Turn off the Q1 switch
Your UPS is now off

The following video demonstrates this procedure:

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