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What Loud noise or squealing is coming from legacy Airflow unit ?

This document describes what to look for in an legacy airflow unit if you discover a loud noise or squealing noise.

Product line:
Airflow, AFX, CCT, CM, TC.

All Product models, all serial numbers.
Possible fan or motor bearing noise.
Loud noises or squealing coming from unit is usually indicative of a fan issue.
  • Bearings need to be check for proper lubrication.
  • Blower wheel and housing need to be checked for alignment.
  • Fan belt and motor pulley. Check for worn belt or dirty and grease on the pulley.
  • Check for cracks in the motor adjustment plate.
  •  Ensure that the motor is secure to the motor adjustment plate.
  • Verify motor amperage to the namplate (overheating).
  • NOTE: most bearings are a sealed cartridge style which need to be replaced, pillow block bearings should be greased accordingly.


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