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Problem: PowerChute Network Shutdown does not turn off the UPS following a shutdown event.

PowerChute Network Shutdown does not turn off the UPS following a shutdown event.

Product Line:
PowerChute Network Shutdown

All supported OS

In order for PowerChute to send a turn-off signal to the UPS, it must have received the list of connected servers from the Network Management Card (NMC). The NMC broadcasts this information every 100 seconds approximately.


Because of this 100-second interval, PowerChute might not have received this information in a couple of situations: a) immediately after installing PowerChute or b) after a restart of the PowerChute service, e.g. after a reboot.
To make sure the UPS turns off as planned when a shutdown event occurs, PowerChute shutdown events should be configured with a delay of 120 seconds.
This issue also applies to the Advanced Configuration option in Multiple Mode which, in a Multiple configuration, enables you to turn off one UPS when it goes on battery. The delay here should also be set to 120 seconds.
With the 120-seconds delay, the PowerChute client will still shut down the operating system gracefully."
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