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Is there a door handle available that has two locks?

A customer may want a door handle with two locks.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX

All versions and serial ranges.

A customer may want two locks as an extra level of security.

We offer AR8132A. It's a door handle with combination lock and a key. The combination is the main lock and will unlock the door handle without having to use the key. The key can be used to override the combination if the combination is lost.

Our door handle manufacturer EMKA offers two other door handle styles that will fit our SX cabinets. We don't sell them, but customers can purchase them from EMKA or their distributors.
See attachments below for EMKA catalogue pages.
NOTE: when replacing the original NetShelter door handle the original latching hasp from the rear of the existing handle must be moved over to the replacement handle. The hasp is attached by a single screw.


3C-730.pdf3C-730.pdf [266.14 KB]
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