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CCTV Adapter Pod Specifications

CCTV Adapter Pod Specifications

Product Line:


Pod specifications.


CCTV Adapter Pod 120
  • Converts analog video source to digital
  • The monitoring appliance can then utilize digital images for motion sensing, alert image captures, etc.
  • CCTV Pod provides images up to 640x480 resolution, 24-bit color, and up to 30 fps
  • Color & resolution may be limited by CCTV video source
  • CCTV camera connects to either BNC, RCA, or S-Video input on CCTV Adapter Pod
  • 1 CCTV camera per adapter pod
  • NTSC, PAL, or SECAM video source input format
  • Distance between Pod and WB500 base station can be extended with USB extension cables, or CAT5 or Fiber Pod Extenders
  • External jacks for microphone (internal mike also), speaker, door switch sensor

The CCTV Adapter Pod 120 works with the version 2 NetBotz 500 and NetBotz 420 as well as the version 3 400 and 500 series appliances

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