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Can I change the input plug or reduce the cord length on my Rack Power Distribution Unit (Rack PDU) or Rack Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)?
APC Rack ATS and Rack PDU products have not been evaluated by safety agencies for hardwiring in the field and as such, customer modification ...
Can I use anything besides the APC provided mounting screws to rack mount my Rack PDU or ATS?
Issue Can I use third party mounting hardware to mount my Rack PDU or Rack ATS in my Rack ?
Power Consumption of APC Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU) / Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Products
... losses due to current flow through the Rack PDU or Rack ATS meaning, they are only the fixed losses of the PDU or ATS ...
How accurate is the current monitor on my APC Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and Rack Automatic Transfer Switch ?
This article outlines the accuracy for each of our Rack PDU generations and the 4th generation Rack ATS models.
Why does my Rack ATS (AP77XX) lose snmpv1 communication with my StruXureWare device or ISX Manager?
My Rack ATS (AP77XX) ... ... Only the following Rack Automatic Transfer Switch ( ATS ) models: Rack ATS app g2ats v ... Rack ATS monitored by the ... ... aforementioned Next Generation Rack ATS product firmware that ... ... devices seems to help increase the uptime ... ... /www. apc .com/ ... ... been addressed in Rack ATS Firmware g2ats v ... ... front of the ATS or issuing the ... This action does not disrupt power output of the ATS and only reboots the Management Interface.
Why is my Rack Automatic Transfer Switch inaccessible after a firmware upgrade?
APC has (2) current generations of Rack ATS products that use two different firmware revisions.
Video: How do I create a direct connection between a computer and a APC networked enabled product?
Network Management Cards (NMC/NMC2) Rack Power Distribution Products (PDU, ATS )
Common Rack Automatic Transfer Switch Scenarios and Questions
APC recommends placing a UPS between the generator and the ATS input. The
APC Security Advisory - Static Factory Password Vulnerability
... Switch aos 105 ats 106 aos 107b ats 106 DC Systems ... mx28 110 Switched Rack PDU aos 116 rpdu 102 aos 118c rpdu 102 MasterSwitch ...

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