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Video: How do I properly reset a Symmetra XR Frame Communications Card (SYXRCC or SYAFSU16)?

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SYXRCC or SYAFSU16 must be reseated in order to reset communication for routine troubleshooting; what is the proper procedure?

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The XR frame shows a fault or the user is troubleshooting an issue which may be related to the XR frame.

Please follow the below steps in resetting the communication card on the Symmetra Extended Run Frame. This can be done while the system is live.

1) Disconnect the communication cable(s) in the card  located in the back of the Symmetra Extended Run Battery Frame and wait for the green status light to go off.

2) Turn off the communications card by unscrewing the thumbscrews on the card so that the micro-latch that is being held by one of the thumbscrews is unseated.

3) Reseat the micro-latch on the card and screw in the thumbscrew back into the top right-hand corner of the card.

4) Reconnect the communication cable(s) in the back of the card and acknowledge the return of the green status light within 60 seconds the UPS will re recognize the additional batteries and adjust the runtime value accordingly to include the batteries located in the Extended Run Frame.

The following video demonstrates the procedure of reseating and installing the Symmetra XR Communications Card:

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