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Use of 208v Smart-UPS products in 240v environments


Use of 208v Smart-UPS products in 240v environments

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All Line Interactive 208v models, All Serial Numbers


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Line Interactive Smart-UPS (SU, SUA, SMT) products with a ""T"" in the suffix of the part number are designed for a nominal 208v input. (Ex: SU5000T, SUA3000XLT, etc). Although transfer points can be widened to allow the unit to function online with a higher input voltage, the unit is not designed for this and will ultimately run into issues.

Problems in this type of configuration include:

  • Short runtime due to repeatedly switching to battery operation
  • Unintentional load drops due to discharged batteries
  • Shortened battery life due to frequent discharges
  • UPS Not turning back on after a power outage due to high input voltage
  • Increased wear and tear on the UPS hardware by continuous mode switching

Using a 208v ""T"" unit in a 220/230/240v environment is not supported or recommended.

The web page for each product will list a nominal input voltage, and if any other input voltages are acceptable they will be listed as ""Other Input Voltages"".

There are several other Smart-UPS products that will function in a 220/230/240v environment without issue:

SURT and SURTD Units (Ex: SURTD3000XLT, SURT6000XLT, etc) - These models use a Double Conversion Online Topology that allows them to have a very wide range of  input voltages without the use of boost/trim transformers. The only change needed is to set the output voltage of the UPS to match the nominal input voltage to ensure proper output when operating in bypass mode. Output voltage can be set via a network management card or Powerchute Business Edition.

SMX ""HV"" Units (Ex: SMX2200RMHV2U, SMX3000RMHV2U, etc) - These are our next generation Line Interactive models. These models use a high frequency design that allows them to boost and trim voltage without the use of a physical transformer. Because of this they can input or output 208, 220, 230, or 240v and are perfect for customers wanting to deploy a single model worldwide.

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