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Video: How to take the Galaxy 5000 UPS from total power off to normal operation.
Step 2: Wait until the end of the UPS initialization with PFC start-up . Step 2: Push the Menu Button
Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
AIS Battery Systems ... AV Power Conditioners & Battery Backups ... Battery Management Battery Replacement Services ... Charge- UPS EX ... DC Battery ... Magnum VS ... Matrix Battery Systems Matrix- UPS Matrix- UPS Accessories ... MGE Battery Systems ... MGE Galaxy MGE Galaxy 300 MGE Galaxy 3000 MGE Galaxy 3500 MGE Galaxy 4000 MGE Galaxy 5000 MGE Galaxy 5500 MGE Galaxy 6000 MGE Galaxy 7000 MGE Galaxy 9000 MGE Galaxy PW ... MGE UPS 4000 ... NetShelter VS Enclosures ... Replacement Batteries Replacement Notebook Batteries ... Silcon Battery Systems ... Smart- UPS Smart- UPS Accessories Smart- UPS Battery Systems Smart- UPS DP Smart- UPS On-Line Smart- UPS RT Smart- UPS VT ... Start-Up Service
APC UPS Network Management Card (NMC) Compatibility Chart
The AP9644 card is backward compatible with any Galaxy VS already installed. When the card is installed after the UPS , however, a new Start-up service (WSTRTUP-VS1-a50) needs to be purchased to upgrade the UPS and the card at the customer site.
Which modular batteries can be used with the Galaxy VS All in One (AIO) model?
Which modular batteries can be used in the Galaxy VS All in One ... ... and 9 Ah batteries . Galaxy VS All in One Galaxy VS AIO model has ... work with modular batteries . The modular batteries are available for ... as well as external battery frames for extended ... Modular battery options are 7 ... and 9 Ah batteries . Wide Frame UPS , Tall Frame UPS , and Modular Battery Cabinet: 7 Ah batteries - Not Validated ... UPS will stay in constant battery fault alarm. 9 Ah batteries – Accepted and ... Narrow Frame UPS :
Video: How can the Galaxy VS reduce my energy bill?
Can the Galaxy VS reduce my energy ... Galaxy VS ... know how the Galaxy VS can provide savings ... Galaxy VS is a 20 ... (400v/ 480v ) or 10 ... 3-phase UPS for edge, ... Galaxy VS offers very high efficiency for small to medium data centers, buildings, and facilities. ... Compared to a legacy design, the savings are equivalent to the UPS acquisition costs after only two years. ... Galaxy VS offers 99% efficiency in patented ECOnversion mode. ... Continuously charged batteries Compliant with IEC 62040-3 Class 1 output performance of UPS standard ... Explore the Galaxy VS in 3D!
How to take the Single Galaxy 5000 UPS from normal operation to total power off using an external Maintenance Bypass Panel
There is still stored energy in the capacitors, and batteries inside the UPS . Never remove any covers or panels.
Video: Configuring output relays/input contacts on a Galaxy VM
Configuring Input Contacts & Output Relays on Galaxy VM UPS Display ... Galaxy VM ... Configuring output relays/input contacts on a Galaxy VM ... Follow the steps for configuring Output relays and Input contacts on a Galaxy VM. ... Battery Charging ... Communicate Status conditions with external Monitoring System Start from the Home screen
Galaxy VX; How to set up, stop or change the “Automatic Battery Test” option of the UPS
If you run battery tests too frequently it can reduce the lifetime of the batteries. Battery Test Start Time
Matrix-UPS emits a chirping sound after being on-battery or running a self-test
... If a SmartCell battery pack fails a UPS On- Battery Self-test ... scheduled or through UPS start-up ), the Matrix- UPS will emit chirps ... of a Replace Battery condition.

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