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What is the Short Circuit Current Rating of my Smart-UPS On-Line?

Issue: What is the Short Circuit Current Rating of my Smart-UPS On-Line?

Product Line: Smart-UPS On-Line models with the prefixes SRT, SRTL, SURT and SURTD.

Resolution: The short circuit current rating of a Smart-UPS On-Line is typically determined by the UPS input circuit breaker. SRT and SRTL UPS models 1-1.5kVA, and SURT UPS models 1-2kVA feature built-in input circuit breakers rated at 1kA at 250VAC and 2kA at 125VAC,

SRT, SRTL, SURT and SURTD UPS models do not have a built-in input circuit breaker. The short circuit current rating of the UPS system will be determined by the external input circuit breaker installed upstream the UPS branch.

Note: Although the output short circuit rating is a different specification than the short circuit current rating, customers may wish to know the output short circuit current of the UPS. The output short circuit of Smart-UPS On-Line models is rated at 175% of nominal output current for up to 500 milliseconds.

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