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Video: How to verify USB device drivers are loaded in Windows OS

Need to verify USB device drivers have loaded on Windows OS

NOTE: The USB drivers for communications between APC UPS and Windows OS are pre-installed in the Windows OS.
The drivers should load automatically once the APC UPS has been connected to the computer using the proper USB cable.

If the drivers do not load automatically once the USB cable has been connect to the UPS and the computer open C:\Windows\System32\drivers and verify that hidclass.sys, hidparse.sys, and hidusb.sys are available.
  • hidclass.sys, hidparse.sys, and hidusb.sys are included with the Windows OS. If they are missing from the system you will need to install them via the Windows OS install media.
Screenshot of Windows Device Manager
Once PowerChute has been installed the driver shown under Device Manager - Batteries will change from HID UPS Battery to APC UPS. If PowerChute Business Edition or PowerChute Personal Edition have been install verify that apcups.inf is available in C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository.
Image of Windows Device Manager with APC UPS Battery

PowerChute Personal Edition
PowerChute Business Edition

Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8x, 10, 11
Microsoft Server versions 12,16, 19, 22

To view the drivers go to Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Batteries. There you should see either HID UPS Battery or APC UPS. Also in Device Manger go to Human Interface Devices and there you should see American Power Conversion USB UPS.

If further assistance is required please see Schneider Electric FAQ Video: Troubleshooting no communication between UPS and PowerChute Business Edition

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