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What depth settings are available for the mounting rails in the new 6U, 9U and 12U NetShelter wall mount cabinets? Do they include rear mounting rails?

Installers need to know where the mounting rails can be set, and how many rails are included.

Product Line:
NetShelter WX

AR106, AR109, AR112

Equipment may have different mounting depths.

Please see the attached file for detailed information.
Currently the AR106, AR109 and AR112 do not ship with rear mounting rails. If rear mounting rails are required please contact Schneider Electric Sales. With quantity, we can pursue an accessory rear rail kit as a custom offering.

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20150630 AR106 AR109 Mounting Rail Adjustibility.pdf20150630 AR106 AR109 Mounting Rail Adjustibility.pdf [20.16 KB]
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