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Will the EcoAisle replace the tradition HACS offering

Will the EcoAisle replace the tradition HACS offering.

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Containment Systems.



•         As the innovator of hot aisle containment APC by Schneider Electric is bringing more innovation to data center cooling  with it's EcoAisle containment system and airflow balancing control.  This flexible system adapts to both hot and cold aisles to address the wide range of data center cooling challenges faced by today's IT and facilities managers.  When used with  room, row, or external cooling systems the flexible aisle containment will maximize cooling system efficiencies by eliminating mixing and balancing airflow to enable increased operating temperatures and reduce fan energy.  For facilities leveraging air or water economizers this systems is adaptable to maximize free cooling hours.

•         The EcoAisle is part of the Thermal Containment family products for small to large data center applications.

•         The EcoAisle is the “Intelligent containment solution that increases data center cooling efficiency while protecting critical IT equipment and personnel.

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