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StruxureWare DCE Does Not Boot After Importing SSL Certificate Chain.

Published date: 13 February 2018

Importing an SSL certificate chain into StruxureWare DCE prevents the web server from starting, making the StruxureWare DCE unable to boot.
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StruxureWare Data Center Expert
StruxureWare Data Center Expert Client
StruxureWare DCE supports importing standard SSL certificates signed by the root certificate authority only.  SSL certificates that describe a chain of certificate authorities are not supported.
A. If you have already imported the SSL certificate chain and your StruxureWare DCE server will not boot, you must call Technical Support for assistance.
B. If you have not yet imported the SSL certificate chain, you must create a new certificate signing request (CSR) in the StruxureWare DCE client; manually edit the *.pem file you received from your certificate signing authority to access its individual certificates; and add each certificate to StruxureWare DCE individually as shown below in step 4:
C: If you have not created a Certificate Signing Request, follow these steps:

1. Create a certificate signing request:

In the StruxureWare DCE client, navigate to the Web Server tab in the “Server Access” display, accessed from Server Administration Settings in the System menu.

Select Modify Certificate.

Select Create Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and specify the parameters. 

Click Next. Maximize the window to display the entire certificate request, from ---BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST--- to ---END CERTIFICATE REQUEST---
Copy the entire certificate and provide it to your certificate signing authority.

2. Once you receive the *.pem file from your certificate signing authority, open it in a text editor, and note the individual certificates.

3. Pull each certifcate out individually in a plain text editor (Root, Intermediary and certifcate issued directly to Data center expert)

4. Add the Root certifcate under System>Server Administration Settings>Server SSL Certificates

5. Add the Intermediary and any other certificate expect the certificate issued to DCE under the same menu, System>Server Administration Settings>Server SSL Certificates

6. Load the certificate issued directly to Data center expert under System>Server Administration Settings>Server Access>Web Server Tab>Modify Certificate>Add certificate

7. The server will then reboot

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