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Easy UPS 3M now with 120, 160, and 200 kVA options.

Sydney (Australia), September 3, 2019, Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced it has extended its world leading uninterruptable power supply Easy UPS 3M product range with the addition of 120, 160, and 200 kVA.

The Easy UPS 3M 120-200 kVA UPSs personify simplicity as they are easy to install, use, and service, providing business continuity for small and medium businesses.

With an optimised footprint design Easy UPS 3M protects critical equipment from power outages, surges, and spikes. This unit saves on CapEx investment while also delivering up to 99% efficiency in energy-saving ECO mode.

“With this extension to Easy UPS 3M, we are better able to meet both customer needs and partner requirements in a wide range of industries, making it an excellent fit for small and medium businesses, data centres, and manufacturing facilities,” said Joe Craparotta, Vice President, Secure Power, Schneider Electric.

“Easy UPS 3M fills a growing market segment need for a solution delivering power availability, reliability, manageability, quality, and convenience,” Joe Craparotta advised, “as all customers benefit from the included start-up service to ensure the Easy UPS 3M is properly and safely configured for best performance, reliability, and safety. Our specialists also provide a complete range of services throughout the entire lifecycle.”

“Conveniently, because we ensure our machines can be connected, customers can monitor and manage the UPS status remotely through our EcoStruxure IT cloud-based DCIM software suite.”

This new offer is rugged, with a wide input voltage window and strong overload protection, all in a compact footprint. Designed and tested following rigorous procedures, the UPS rolls into position quickly and installation is simple.

Simple to install, use, and service, Easy UPS 3M:

  • Provides easy design configuration with the input/output/bypass breaker built in so there is no need for an external breaker cabinet. It is simple to service and offers front/top access for service and built-in UPS lifecycle management.
  • Offers resiliency against harsh environments with conformal coated printed circuit boards, replaceable dust filter, operating temperature up to 40 degrees C, and strong overload protection. It’s a reliable solution to ensure business continuity.
  • New 5-inch colour touch screen with aesthetic design allows for easy operation.

Enables easy monitoring and management with EcoStruxure IT’s cloud-based software suite when you buy the optional network card. For more information, view our Could-based DCIM Software

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