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Can I use a NetBotz Camera Pod 160 NBPD0160 / NBPD0160A as a standalone appliance?

A customer may purchase a solution with the intension of using a NetBotz camera pod 160 on its own.

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The NetBotz Camera Pod 160 NBPD0160 / NBPD0160A is an accessory which attaches through a USB connection to a Rack Monitor 450, 550, or 570, or Room Monitor 455.  It cannot be configured on its own, and must be connected to a main appliance. There is no interface without the main appliance. The RJ45 connection that is on this camera pod is for the NetBotz door sensor. The camera can not be discovered by StruxureWare without a connection to a main NetBotz appliance.

Purchase a Rack Monitor 450, 550, or 570, or Room Monitor 455 for functionality. If the camera is the NBPD0169A, please be sure you upgrade to version 4.6.2 or higher of the NetBotz Firmware (also known as BotzWare).
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