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Video: How to configure Modbus on an InRow ACRD200 cooling system

How to configure Modbus on an ACRD200 cooling unit

Product line:
InRow RD

All Serial Numbers

Install, Configuration


Press ESC until you get to the main screen (On/Standby)

Use the Up or Down arrows to find the heading Configure Modbus

Press ENTER and select Modbus

Now you will be prompted for a password

Use the default password of “apc”

If this does not work check with your Admin for the correct password

If password has been lost use the last eight digits of the serial number

Press Enter again on Modbus and you can select either Enable or Disable

Select ID and you can select an ID number for this unit between 1 and 247

Select Baud Rate and you can choose either 9600 or 19200.

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