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Data Center Expert | PDU Network Port Sharing (not-supported)

StruxureWare Data Center Expert does not support APC rPDUs using network port sharing.

Product Line:
StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)
- Basic Appliance (AP9465)
- Standard Appliance (AP9470)
- Enterprise Appliance (AP9475)
- Virtual Appliance (AP94VMACT)
InfraStruxure Central
AP8xxx APC rack mount PDU2

StruxureWare Data Center Expert (all versions)
AP8xxx APC rack mount rPDU2 using network port sharing

When using network port sharing, the SNMP output of the rack mount PDU is not seen by StruxureWare Data Center Expert in a format that can properly associate the different outlets with their respective PDUs.


Network Port Sharing (NPS) is not fully supported within Data Center Expert.  When associating devices within Data Center Operation (DCO) all sensors will be shown under one device, and will not allow you to associate the sensors to multiple devices.  Thereforce, it is recommended for each of these PDUs to have their own network connection and IP address and individually added into DCE.

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