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Wireless Sensor Pod 180 connected via AC-USB adapter may function as an End Device

Published date: 23 July 2020

It is possible for a Wireless Sensor Pod 180 connected via AC-USB adapter to function as an End Device. Using the wireless Sensor Pod 180 in this manner is not recommended for any purpose, and is not supported.

Product Line:

NetBotz Advanced View v4.3


This issue is caused by powering the Wireless Sensor Pod 180 incorrectly. The scenario can be reproduced as follows:
1. A Wireless Sensor Pod 180 powered by batteries joined the network in End Device mode.
2. The sensor pod was subsequently powered by an AC-USB adapter, while it was on the network and with the batteries inside.
3. The batteries were removed from the sensor pod while it was connected to the network via USB. The sensor pod will continue to operate in End Device mode until it reboots. When the sensor pod reboots, it will join the wireless sensor network in Router mode, as expected.

Additionally, the Advanced View sensor list does not automatically update when the mode of a Wireless Sensor Pod 180 is changed from End Device to Router, or from Router to End Device.


Users must restart the Advanced View, or delete the grayed out entry for sensor pods in their original modes.

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