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The Replace Battery indicator light is illuminated on my Conext Battery Backup


The Connext UPS is giving a Replace Battery Indication (Red Replace battery LED w/ 4 beeps every 30seconds).

Product Line:

APC Back-UPS / Conext UPS
  • CNB700
  • CNB900
  • CNB750
  • CNB950


All Conext units with (4) visual indication LEDs.


This indicator lights when the unit detects through a Self-Test that the battery needs to be replaced soon.

NOTE: A Self-Test is performed whenever the product is switched on and every 14 days following


If the Replace Battery indicator is lit, follow these procedures:

1. Allow the unit to charge for at least 4 hours. (Leave it plugged in and turned on or off.)

2. Initiate a Self-Test by switching the product off and back on again. The product will run a 3 second Self-Test to determine the condition of the battery.

3. If the Replace Battery indicator lights again after completing the test, then the battery must be replaced. Contact our customer service for information on replacing your battery.

Note: The Battery Backup should not be used as a master on off switch. Doing so may cause a premature replace battery LED. Instead you should power the attached equipment by its own power switch.

If above troubleshooting does not resolve the issue, there's a possibility that the UPS already reached its end of life.
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