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E3 error message on the Symmetra Extended Run Battery Frame (XR frame)


The XR frame of a single phase Symmetra displays E3; The mainframe indicates an XR Frame Fault.

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The "E3" error message on the Symmetra XR Frame is an indication of lost communication between the Symmetra mainframe and the Symmetra Extended Run (XR) Battery Frame. This error message will cause a fault LED on the PowerView display and will result in the loss of communication between the two frames where the Power Array will not be able to recognize the batteries that are located in the XR Frame.

This condition is a communication issue only, and in no way affects the function of the UPS if it were to go on battery. In that event the UPS goes on battery, the runtime will be recalculated based on the on the additional ampacity provided by the Extended Run Frame.


Resetting the communication card on the Extended Run Frame will alleviate this communication issue. Please following the following steps in resetting the communication card on the Symmetra Extended Run Frame:

1) Disconnect the communication cable(s) in the card located in the back of the Symmetra Extended Run Battery Frame and wait for the green status light to go off.

2) Disconnect the communication cable(s) from the communications card by unscrewing the top right hand thumbscrew on the card so that the micro-latch that is being held by that thumbscrew is unseated.

3) Reseat the micro-latch on the card and screw in the thumbscrew back into the top right-hand corner of the card .

4) Reconnect the communication cable(s) in the back of the card and acknowledge the return of the green status light within 60 seconds the UPS will recognize the additional batteries and adjust the runtime value accordingly to include the batteries located in the Extended Run Frame.

At this point the E3 message should no longer be flashing on the XR Frame and on the PowerView you will see a message indicating "Number of Battery Modules Increase".  If for any reason this error message reoccurs, please contact technical support.

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