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Why does the network card report "UPS: Runtime calibration cancelled" on Symmetra products, even when the calibration finishes?


My UPS Network Management Card reports "UPS: Runtime calibration cancelled" on my Symmetra UPS but the calibration finished.

The user can issue a runtime calibration either through the NMC or from the front display (PowerView). When the user initiates a runtime calibration, the UPS runs on battery until the UPS reaches roughly 25-35% battery capacity. Upon completion of the calibration the results can differ depending on the device:

The NMC reports "UPS: Runtime calibration cancelled."
ISX Manager reports "UPS: A runtime calibration ended."
The Powerview reports "Run Time Calibration Stopped."

Product Line

• UPS Network Management Card 1 (NMC1) - AP9617, AP9618, AP9619


• NMC is installed in a single phase or three phase Symmetra UPS
• A runtime calibration command has been issued via the NMC or PowerView front display


APC has identified an issue that pertains to the Symmetra single and three phase product families and the Network Management Cards with SY or SY3P firmware applications. The Network Management Card will report "UPS: Runtime calibration cancelled" in the event log when a runtime calibration is attempted ,regardless of whether the UPS completed the runtime calibration or not.


This issue does not exist in UPS Network Management Card 2 products (AP963/AP9630CH/AP9631/AP9631CH/AP9635/AP9635CH). Due to the discontinuation of UPS Network Management Card 1 products listed above, this will not be fixed with a firmware upgrade in those models.

Customers experiencing this issue should know that:

  • This is purely cosmetic - meaning only the Network Management Card is at fault.  The UPS will complete its runtime calibration if it is not cancelled manually or other factors play into the UPS automatically aborting the process.
  • Because a runtime calibration involves a deep battery discharge, consult with APC support if a runtime calibration is necessary.  Typically, it is unnecessary to perform a runtime calibration more than once a year.

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