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How do I reset the password on my KVM (AP5602, AP5610, AP5615, AP5616)?


Forgotten or lost password on my APC KVM Switch - models AP5602, AP5610, AP5615, or AP5616

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Lost or forgotten password


By default, there isn't a password on the AP56XX series KVM Switches. If you need to reset the current password please follow these steps:
  1. Local access from the local OSD (on screen display) is required.
  2. Attempt to log in to the KVM. If AP5610, AP5615, or AP5616 an option for "forgot password" will be below the text field. Click this and go to the next step. If  you are using an AP5602, type "Admin" as the username (if necessary) and "help" as the password (both are case sensitive). Press enter and the KVM will display the screen in the next step.
  3. There will be a 16 digit key and EID number displayed. Alternatively, the EID number can be found on the sticker on the bottom of the KVM. Gather this information.  Do not navigate away from this screen.  The 16 digit key is a one time, unique key.
  4. Contact APC technical support (https://www.apc.com/support/contact/)
  5. The representative will be able to generate a backdoor password which will remove the password from the KVM when entered.

This password reset procedure only resets the local console password. If you have forgotten a username and password for WEB access, you will need to gain local console access and connect to the KVM with a serial connection in order to Restore the KVM to Factory Defaults via the console menu. After doing so, you will lose all of your settings but be able to login with the default WEB username and password of apc/apc.

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