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Power protection for gamers

UPS is short for uninterruptible power supply, providing back up power and surge protection — it’s the missing piece of your setup that you didn’t even know you needed. Stay protected, connected, and in the game.


A gaming battery backup protects your valuable gaming system from different types of power interruptions.


After safely shutting down your game, this UPS will continue to power your NBN router, enabling you to stay online with a mobile device.

In the game

Power out? Don’t worry. Stay in the game long enough to finish your match or control your exit so you don't get penalized.

Which UPS is right for your gaming experience?

BR1600SI UPS runtime for gaming

*All runtimes have a router/modem included as a default to all setups. Gaming times may vary. New specs for new consoles coming.

Gaming PC runtime*

Gaming Laptop
1. One monitor 275W = 27 minutes
2. Two monitors 335W = 21 minutes

Gaming PC
1. One monitor 475W = 13 minutes
2. Two monitors 535W = 11 minutes

Xbox One runtime*

Xbox One
1. One monitor 195W = 40 minutes
2. 55-inch TV 280W = 26 minutes

Xbox One® X
1. One monitor 255W = 30 minutes
2. 55-inch TV 340W = 21 minutes

PlayStation 4 runtime*

1. One monitor 225W = 34 minutes
2. 55-inch TV 310W = 23 minutes

PS4 Pro
1. One monitor 235W = 33 minutes
2. 55-inch TV 320W = 22 minutes

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