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Is there a baying kit or bracket to connect a NetShelter SX to a VX?
Resolution: There are no baying brackets or kit which allow a SX cabinet to bay to a VX cabinet.
Is there a Recessed Rail Kit available for the 45U NetShelter SX cabinets?
Resolution: There are currently no recessed rail kits for the NetShelter SX 45U cabinets.
What effect, if any, do the magnetic panels of the Vertical Exhaust Duct Kits have on high speed network cables?
Issue: The NetShelter SX Vertical Exhaust Duct Kits include magnetic panels.
Are replacement parts available for my NetShelter SX ARU, ADU or Roof Fan?
Product Line: Rack Air Distribution Environment:
Is there a kit available to convert from a NetShelter SX cabinet to a NetShelter SX Networking cabinet?
There is currently no kit available to convert a NetShelter SX cabinet into a NetShelter SX Networking cabinet. The rails are not sold separately.
Is there an OSHPD OPA or OPM for the anchorage detail in the document titled IBC Structural Calculations for Seismic Applications?
Installation of NetShelter SX cabinets using the bracket kit ar7701a-S, and following the instructions at this link, will be OSHPD approved ...
Is there documentation available that shows the rackmount depths for Dell products?
... also a section that has other notes regarding compatibility of these rail kits , specific to the NetShelter SX 600mm W x 1070mm D cabinets ...
KIT DOOR CRV POWERVIEW 42U 600mm SX (BLK KEY ... w0h-0128 KIT DOORS SPLIT PERF 42U 600mm BLK SX (Rack) ... OF SHIP LOOSE KIT ] 885- ...
Can the ar7708 Hot Air Recirculation Prevention Kit be used in a NetShelter SX Networking cabinet?
The ar7708 Hot Air Recirculation Prevention Kit is designed for use with the standard NetShelter SX cabinets, not the Networking cabinets.

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