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NetBotz Rack Access POD 170/171 | Manual and Installation Guides
Issue: Where can I find the manual for the APC Rack Access Pod 171 nbpd0171?
NetBotz wireless pod data loss if nbpd0180 coordinator is disconnected.
3. Go to serial devices and set it as a coordinator again ( APC Wireless Sensor Pod 180 option)
Do not add Sensor Pods to a Netbotz Version 3 appliance while a firmware upgrade is in process.
APC suggests not adding any pods during an upgrade of the device.
Can the NetShelter CX integral PDU be replaced, or can another be added if a dual power input is required for redundancy? Which PDU comes in the CX?
The original PDU included with the cabinet is the APC part number AP9568 for EMEA cabinets (50hz), and AP9567 for NEMA cabinets ...
NetBotz Camera Pod 165 Firmware Upgrade
Upgrade the firmware on a local Camera Pod 165 www. apc .com
Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
Battery Replacement Services Biometric Security
Where can I locate product model and serial number for my APC 3 phase UPS?
Also found via the display touch screen; under the wrench symbol then system information you will find the serial there.
File transfers may be unsuccessful using SCP on devices within StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE) with v6.X.X firmware earlier than v6.3.3
: Both SCP and FTP file transfer fails on all v6.X.X devices with touch screens ( apc _hw06_aos_xxx).

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