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Symmetra RM running on battery with good Input Voltage


This document describes one possible cause for a Symmetra RM running on battery power when adequate input power is available.

Product Line

Symmetra RM


Symmetra RM products installed in a 60 hz environment.


The Symmetra Rack mount is a UPS system that is able to be used both in North America as well in International environments. With this, the UPS therefore has settings that can be configured for those different power environments.  One setting is the Output Frequency which is under the SETUP option in the Symmetra RM's PowerView.

This setting can be changed to 50Hz +/- 3Hz, Full Range Tracking, or 60Hz +/-3Hz. When in typical North American environments the frequency will be approximately 60Hz. However, if the UPS is configured for 50Hz +/- 3Hz, then the UPS will subsequently run on battery power due to either insufficient Voltage or Frequency.


Configure the UPS output frequency to 60 hz when using the UPS in 60 hz environments.

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