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Matrix-UPS does not recognize Smartcell-XR battery packs

Fecha de publicación: 25 March 2014


Certain Matrix-UPS will not recognize properly connected SmartCell-XR battery packs

Product Line



Matrix-UPS with a processor revision lower than W


Matrix-UPS were produced and released before SmartCell-XR battery packs were conceived and produced.  Older Matrix-UPS systems do not have the capability to monitor SmartCell-XR battery packs.


When scrolling through the UPS Status menu, there is an option for '# BattPacks' followed by '# XR Packs.' The older Matrix-UPS will not include the '# XR Packs' as an option.  If this is not an option, it is necessary to check the processor revision using the display interface on the front of the UPS to determine if the UPS is capable of monitoring a SmartCell-XR.

To determine the processor revision, access the UPS Diagnostics menu from the EU's front LCD display and then scroll to the sub-menu UPS FW rev: xxx (where the second x reflects the processor revision). Any Matrix-UPS EU that does not have a main processor revision of W or higher (The processor revisions run from T to Z) will not recognize the SmartCell XR battery pack correctly. In such a case, a customer adds a SmartCell XR to an older UPS, the '# Batt Packs' will increase by one and 'Est Run' will increase as if a standard SmartCell was added.  This will cause the UPS to provide an estimated runtime that is much less than what should be expected. This same incorrect information will be visible in the PowerChute software or APC accessories as well.

Important Note: The Matrix-UPS will indeed provide the user with the correct amount of runtime in the event the UPS must operate on-battery, despite what runtime estimate it has previously reported.

To resolve this, the Matrix Electronics Unit (EU) would need to be replaced with a newer revision.


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