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How to change the battery replacement date of a Back-UPS using PowerChute Personal Edition?

The battery has been replaced in a Back-UPS but the UPS still reports battery needs replacing.

Product Line:
PowerChute Personal Edition

PowerChute Personal Edition installed on supported Windows OS

Battery needed replacement

NOTE: For information on how to replace the battery in your UPS see the User's Guide of the UPS.


1 - Open the PowerChute GUI
2 - Go to Run Self-Test

3 - Click on Replace Battery Date
4 - A pop up window will appear stating "Please confirm you want to update your battery's replacement date to today's date". To update the battery replacement date click yes.

PowerChute battery replacement UI

5 - The new battery replacement date will be set to the current date and the replace battery indicator on the Back-UPS should disappear.

NOTE: Not all Back-UPS model UPS allow for a battery replacement and not all Back-UPS include the Run Self-Test option via PowerChute. This feature is determined based on the Back-UPS model and firmware the Back-UPS shipped with.

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