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What are the features of the switched outlet groups on my SMT, SMX, or SRT Smart-UPS?


Next Generation Smart-UPS have switchable outlet groups which can be used to reboot hung equipment, sequence the bootup/shutdown process, or shed excess loads.

Product Line:

Smart-UPS, Smart-UPS Online


All SMT, SMX, and SRT models, All Serial Numbers


All Smart-UPS SMT, SMX, and SRT units have the ability to turn their outlets on and off.

There are two types of outlet groups:
Main Outlet Group (MOG) - The full output of the outlets on the UPS
Switched Outlet Group (SOG) - A group of outlets that functions as a sub-set of the Main Outlet Group.

NOTE: The Main Outlet Group must be turned on for any of the Switched Outlet Groups to be turned on.
Some models feature outlets in addition to a hardwired output connection. Only the outlets are switched.

All SMT/SMX/SRT units will have a Main Outlet Group and then between one and three Switched Outlet Groups.
The groups are clearly labeled on the back of the UPS and the group names can be changed using a Network Management Card.

Outlet Groups are controlled using the LCD screen on the UPS, PowerChute Business Edition, or the Network Management Card web interface.
Outlet Groups can be turned on and off with or without delay timers. These events can be triggered by a user, or a UPS event such as an overload or on battery condition. Due to the complexity of options available, it is a lot easier to perform most of these configurations via a Network Management Card or PowerChute Business Edition interface rather than the LCD screen.

Whether you are using the LCD, NMC, or PCBE, outlet groups are configured in the "Configuration" menu and you can turn them on/off via the "Control" menu.

NOTE: Some APC Back-UPS models allow for a master/slave configuration where turning on a device in one outlet will cause a second outlet to power on.
Smart-UPS devices do not support this functionality.


Switchable Outlet Groups allow far more granular management of the power supplied to your devices.

For more detailed information on capabilities and management please refer to the User's Manual for your specific UPS or the following documents:

APC Application Note #165: Switched Outlet Groups on SMT and SMX Smart-UPS®
APC Application Note #177: Software Interface for Switched Outlets and UPS Management in Smart-UPS

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